Dehydrated Skin condition

What is dehydrated skin?

Unlike ‘dry skin’ which is a particularly dry skin type, dehydrated skin often produces enough or even an excess of oil, but still feels tight, dry and can even be flaky.
Dry skin usually occurs in certain climates, seasons or even based on your lifestyle and activities (such as swimming or the sauna).
Dehydrated skin is a skin condition and can occur for many reasons, the most common factor being harsh products on the skin such as makeup or alcohol-based makeup removers and cleansers.

How do we treat dehydrated skin?

Your free personal consultation at La Pelle Clinic in London will involve checking whether your skin is a dry skin type or a dehydrated skin condition. We will then recommend a course of treatments for you which may include one of our intense hydration facials, nutritional and dietary advice as well as a home care routine to help the condition.

Book your free consultation today with one of our specialists. We have years of experience in treating dehydrated skin and can determine which treatment is best for you.