Excess Hair condition

What is excess hair?

Excess hair is any area of the body that has more hair than one wants, tending to make the sufferer feel less confident or even embarrassed about their body hair. The most common areas of excess hair are the upper lip or jowls (sides of the face), underarms, bikini area, legs and other areas include the waistline, hands and feet.
Many have had to suffer with excess hair, the only solution being waxing or shaving frequently, but with the discovery of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) a more permanent solution is now available.

How does IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) work?

IPL lasers emit a small pulse of light into the skin, penetrating the first layer and therefore treating lower layers of skin, targeting the pigmentation that causes excess hair. This treatment is a gentle approach to hair removal – the laser used will feel warm to the touch and the pulse will create a small and brief pinching sensation whilst the laser targets an area of hair follicles. Depending on the area and quantity of hair you require removing, you will be recommended a course of treatments during a free consultation.
IPL is not suitable for darker skin and works best on darker hair colours for hair removal. As it targets the living hair root it is not possible to wax in between treatments but shaving is perfectly acceptable.