What is Microcurrent treatment?

All of the muscles in your body are made up of electrical signatures, and each muscle group has its own frequency. When the muscles in the body are not functioning properly, whether it be because of muscle pains, spasms, muscles being too loose (as is the way with wrinkles), sports injuries and even arthritis, this can cause severe discomfort as well as being unsightly at times.

Microcurrent treatment uses small electrical waves to synthesise the body’s own electrical signature and therefore smooths out the ‘interruptions’ caused by muscle problems.

The conductors of the microcurrent device are placed strategically around the targeted muscle groups and a small current is sent through the skin to the muscle. Because the electric impulse is so light the most you would feel is a tingling sensation, although as your skin becomes accustomed to the treatment you may at first feel a very light pinch.

Doctors and muscle specialists can recommend a course of microcurrent treatment for a series of body problems including:

– Sciatica
– Back pain
– Arthritis
– Headaches
– Neck pain
– Shingles
– Ligament and tendon pain

We also use microcurrent treatment to restore the skin’s elasticity and enhance your skin’s youthful look. This is called the Caci Facial.

What is the Caci Facial?

The Caci facial has become a very popular ‘surgery free’ option for rejuvenating facial muscle tone and restoring the face’s youthful appearance. The treatment uses two small probes which send out an electromagnetic pulse, replicating the natural electrical flow of the body. By targeting specific muscle groups these pulses make the face and neck tauter and encourage muscle elasticity. This microcurrent treatment can also be used to treat other areas of the body to improve muscle tautness.

For many years needles, knives and injections were the only answer to eradicating wrinkles. Because Caci is gentle enough to be used on all skin types and despite any skin conditions it has become the popular answer to those suffering from fine lines and signs of ageing.

Your skin specialist will apply a small amount of gel to areas of your face to aid in the conductivity of the small probes. They will then target specific muscle groups that are prone to sagging and wrinkles – the electromagnetic signals, the same as those that the body itself produces, stimulate those muscles resulting in tighter, tauter and more elastic-looking skin.
Regular treatments are recommended for best results but with no surgery and zero downtime, it is ideal for those with busy lifestyles. There are no side effects to the Caci facial. Occasionally those starting out may feel a little pinching sensation in the areas that the probes have made contact, but these reactions will subside as the skin becomes accustomed to the treatment.

Book yourself a free consultation with us today and one of our skin specialists and determine the best course of treatment for a more youthful looking you!