A skin peel is a specifically combined series of powerful ingredients applied to affected areas which reduces the signs of wrinkles and ageing, rejuvenates the skin and helps to eradicate scars such as those associated with acne.

We at La Pelle Skin Clinic use a skin peel best known as the Power Peel, the ultimate in anti-ageing and rejuvenation offering a combination of 6 powerful fruit acids including Peach, Rasberry and Apple, which have a lightening effect superior to hydroquinone (a chemical used for lightening pigmentation) with 100% safety. These help eliminate pigmentation, increase healthy cell growth and reduce wrinkle depth. The addition of healing plants, renowned for essential anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action with the simultaneous use of flavonoids and tyrosinase (an oxidase that is the rate-limiting enzyme for controlling the production of melanin) inhibitors results in a unique peeling system for clarifying, restructuring and rejuvenation of the skin. Formulated at 30% and 50% it provides the most restorative properties.

We take the skin peel to a more therapeutic level, but with safety. Many skin peels over the years have been created with harsh chemicals and whilst short-term results have been successful they have not been able to be frequently repeated due to their harsh nature. Our Power Peel is made of gentle and natural ingredients whilst still having the short term benefits, and is able to be continued and repeated as many times as desired.

There is no down time after treatment and the results of brighter, more youthful-looking skin are usually seen immediately or shortly after your session.

Treatment results

Before and after Skin Peels Treatment